Can Air Duct Cleaning Improve My Hvac Efficiency?

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    Those with HVAC systems running in their homes ought to be aware of the importance of getting them serviced (inspected, cleaned, maintained, etc.) on a regular basis, especially their ductwork.

    There’s quite a population of those who question the impact air ducts have on their HVAC systems, and you may be wondering yourself, “Can air duct cleaning improve my HVAC efficiency?”

    If so, you’ve come to a good place to collect the answer.

    When your home’s air ducts are cleaned on a consistent schedule, which should be at least once every three to five years, your HVAC systems are indeed better able to stay operating smoothly, and on the right amount of energy.

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    In the meantime, though, here are some further clarifications for the question, can air duct cleaning improve my HVAC efficiency?

    Air ducts are the “lungs” of the home.

    Your ductwork system is composed of passages that allow ventilation to circulate throughout your home at temperatures most ideal to you and those you live with.

    Because of their large and mostly enclosed design, however, your air ducts cannot help but invite the accumulation of contaminants such as dust, dirt, and various debris over time.

    These unwelcome particles end up causing your system to become congested, especially when left unattended for years and years on end, compromising your home’s air quality and slowing down its overall circulation.

    Clean air ducts equals steady airflow.

    Because HVAC systems operate by circulating the air that it recycles from within your household, each new cycle that they run comes with newly picked up dirt particles which will only continue to add up.

    Meanwhile, the dust that inevitably gets stuck in your ducts will keep on piling up just as well, essentially affecting your air 24/7 unless your vents are given a proper clean.

    Systems function normally, sparing you from expensive bills.

    As should be clear by now, clogged up air ducts mean, in a way, clogged up air; this forces a home’s other HVAC systems such as heaters, air conditioning, and the likes to work even harder due to the fact that your indoor air is no longer as easy to move around.

    Even more irritating, when systems have to put extra effort into operating because of unclean air ducts, they may take even longer to actually produce the effects they are meant to, which quite literally means you could get billed with higher costs without any benefits on your side.

    With clean ductwork, all HVAC systems at home can operate correctly with far less interruption, and without draining your wallet too–not to mention, not being overworked means they’ll last longer and be less prone to unexpected breakdowns in the future.

    Air quality improves.

    When your vents are free of contaminant buildup and your HVAC systems are working with ease, the overall quality of air circulating through your home becomes much cleaner and capable of promoting better living conditions.

    This is especially beneficial to those who are prone to respiratory issues such as asthma and other allergies, as they will not have to worry about their sensitivities being triggered by irritants in the poor air.

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    In conclusion, yes, air duct cleaning can and does improve HVAC efficiency; hiring a suitable and qualified company to get the task done whenever necessary is a responsibility every homeowner must take on for their own sake.

    With that said, do remember that our licensed and appropriately equipped team of technicians at Eddie’s Duct Service are always readily eager to serve our clients and their vent-related needs.

    Rest assured that we are deliberate about every service we offer, from initial inspections to full-on deep cleans, we make sure to carry out all procedures with the utmost care, and take note of every important detail.

    Give us a call, entrust your ductwork into our experienced hands and prepare to start breathing clean again once we’ve finished the job!

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