Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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    Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning must always be established.

    The reason for this is because the kitchen is a vital part of any household or building.

    This is where we make all our food and cook to our hearts’ content.

    Additionally, this is where we keep all our pots and pans that we use in our daily cooking.

    These pots, pans, and other utensils are always heated up to generate heat throughout the cooking process.

    Generating heat entails steam and smoke in the surrounding environment.

    It is the job of the kitchen’s ventilation system to filter this out.

    However, since we do use our kitchens all day and everyday, there is that high chance that the ventilation system may be clogged up.

    The steam and smoke filtered out by the HVAC system of a kitchen may harbor some harmful pollutants and particles.

    Because of this, these may be the ones that clog up a kitchen’s ventilation system.

    It is important that we invest in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning in order to prevent these things from happening.

    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Its Importance

    Commercial kitchens utilize heavy-duty equipment to cook food.

    This kind of equipment operates for hours on end every single day.

    Frankly, this would generate a lot of steam and smoke from them.

    This causes the ventilation system to absorb the made-up air and filter it out.

    Different Kinds of Buildup

    Other things that may be absorbed and filtered out by the kitchen’s HVAC system are dust, potentially harmful chemicals in the air, grease, soot, and the like.

    Generally, because of the succession of these filtered out things, there is that possibility that there will be residuals within the vents.

    Hazardous Risks of a Clogged Up System

    Should there be the accumulation of residual particles within the vents, these could pose a danger to the extraction systems within the ventilation system.

    Below are the different kinds of hazardous risks that come with clogged up extraction systems.

    1. The lifespan of the extraction system has been reduced significantly.
    2. The business insurance of a kitchen may be invalid.
    3. Bacteria growth may be ensued within the extraction system.
    4. Foul scents and odors may be produced.
    5. The air flow quality and efficiency may decrease greatly.
    6. Fire spreading may be more likely to happen.

    The Inspection of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

    The International fire Code gives out a requirement to all commercial kitchen owners that these are areas that are prone to combustible grease buildup (must be cleared out from these things).

    1. All spaces surrounding electronic appliances
    2. Range hoods
    3. Exhaust filters

    Benefits to Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    The overall air flow of a commercial kitchen will improve because there are not many dust and dirt particles building up within the air duct vents.

    In addition to this, grease and other kinds of smoke such as steam from the cooking and soot will not leave a sticky atmosphere for the tenants in a commercial kitchen anymore.

    The risk percentage of fire happening in a commercial kitchen will significantly decrease.

    Moreover, the overall respiratory health of the usual people in a commercial kitchen will improve greatly.

    This is in consideration of the fact that they would not have to inhale as much soot, smoke, grease, and other foreign particles anymore.

    This would also lengthen the lifespan of the ventilation and extraction systems.

    Energy bill costs will also lower themselves, granting more efficiency in the energy consumption.

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    Now that we know all the information stated above when it comes to commercial kitchen vents, it is safe to say that it is best to seek a professional’s help.

    They are the ones who know what is best to do when it comes to the repair and maintenance as well as the cleaning of these kinds of vents.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is able to provide this specific service to commercial kitchen owners.

    We ensure to all our clients that we give only the best quality service to our highly valued clients.

    This is because we only employ highly trained professionals to do the job for you.

    They are all fully equipped with certified licenses and are completely insured, care of our company.

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