How To Know That Your Air Ducts Are Clean

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    When it comes to maintaining physical, especially respiratory health, overseeing the upkeep of your HVAC systems is much more crucial of a responsibility than most people give it credit for.

    Neglected air ducts in particular house dirt that builds up over time, which can stir up rather irritating reactions in people.

    Since ventilation systems are designed to encourage clean airflow at comfortable temperatures, neglect simply exposes them–and those who breathe the air they circulate–to dust and other unhealthy particles.

    If the people you share a home or workplace with seem to be experiencing symptoms such as allergies, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, dry skin, and the likes, it’s possible that your residence/commercial structure is overdue for a vent cleaning.

    As for how to know that your air ducts are clean, however, note that the absence of these annoyances doesn’t necessarily mean your ducts are in tip-top shape.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is fully aware of the relevance clean vents have to safeguarding respiratory health, so here is a list of signs that will help you identify if yours are well and good, or if it’s about time you called for duct cleaning.

    Your ducts are free of dust and mold.

    Molds and excessive dust usually indicate that things aren’t doing so great; ducts situated in humid areas with high condensation levels are more likely to harbor mold growth.

    Because molds aren’t easy to spot on the inside, the best you can do is to be consistent about hiring vent cleaning services, but in some cases, particularly moldy ducts will show it around the vent covers–you can also utilize your sense of smell to watch out for any moldy aromas..

    As for dusty air ducts, if you’re noticing that the surfaces around your home are gathering dust far too quickly when they don’t seem to have any reason to be, the issue could actually be that your vents themselves are dusty and are causing the circulation of dusty air across your home.

    They aren’t frequented by bugs and other critters.

    It seems that animals (such as rodents) and bugs can be drawn to vents and the seemingly safe, enclosed spaces they offer.

    Unfortunately, whether or not you are someone who likes the idea of unintentionally giving random creatures a place to stay, some critters coming from outside do carry various bacterias that you don’t want left behind inside your vents.

    If your indoors show no signs of infestation, nor do they smell of animal feces and urine, that probably means your ducts aren’t being inhabited or frequented by uninvited guests.

    Your energy bills are stable.

    Fluctuating or unpredictable energy bills may be a sign that your vents are clogged up and having to work harder (in other words, use more energy) than usual to spread air around your structure.

    With clean air ducts, your ventilation system should be working with ease as it is originally intended to without causing any spikes in your utility bills.

    Keep excessive billing statements at bay by keeping your duct systems clean with the help of licensed specialists, such as our experienced and well-trained personnel at Eddie’s Duct Service!

    Find a vent cleaning company you can trust!

    There are plenty of great companies out there that offer duct cleaning services, but you won’t have to question how to know that your air ducts are clean when you get them cleaned by us!

    Worry not when bringing your dusty problems our way, as we will be sure to identify just what procedures your ventilation system needs, and handle your situation with enthusiastic professionalism.

    We understand HVAC systems and are passionate about satisfying our customers with honest and efficient work; expect to get the worthy and exact quality you pay for without any shady fees.

    As we clear vents of dirt and congestion, we like to believe that we are also clearing the way for healthier, more comfortable homes.

    Ring our team up at Eddie’s Duct Service, and rest assured that our knowledgeable and readily equipped staff will be just as eager as you are to get your vents all cleaned up, and your air back to crisp, fresh breathability.

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