How To Prevent Asthma Attacks In Your Denver Home

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    Poor air quality, as many already know, can cause numerous health issues when breathed in over extended periods of time, and the risks are higher for those who struggle chronically with issues like asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

    If you happen to be one of those people, or if you live with one or more people who are, you may be worried about how to prevent asthma attacks in your Denver home.

    Maybe you’re concerned that your indoor air quality isn’t as good as it seems, maybe it’s been noticeably bad for a while now; either way, being proactive is always a wise choice when it comes to health-related matters.

    Unfortunately, many fail to remember that staple HVAC systems tend to harbor dirt over time, and when vents, heating, air conditioners, and the likes are left for ages without maintenance, continuously using them regardless can bring more harm than good.

    With everything we offer here Eddie’s Duct Service, trust that our team is passionate about bringing clean and comfortable air to every single customer that reaches out to us.

    Before giving us a call for any duct cleaning requests, however, you may want to read through our tips below for other methods regarding how to prevent asthma attacks in your Denver home.

    Clean your house regularly.

    While it’s true that calling for a professional vent cleaning does help improve the air quality in one’s indoor living spaces, it’s not the type of service homeowners should have to pay for multiple times a year.

    One way to prevent various dusty, bacteria-harboring particles around your house from getting swept up into your ductwork and compromising your home’s air quality at a much faster rate than it should, is to observe a cleaning routine.

    Be consistent about wiping down flat surfaces, and remember to begin cleaning from higher levels (blinds, shelves, etc.) before going lower (staircase, floor, etc.) to ensure that you’re able to pick up any dirt that may have fallen from your higher-set furniture and belongings.

    You can enhance your cleaning process by using materials such as electrostatic or microfiber cloths, which are far better at actually grabbing on to particles of dust, rather than just any old rag.

    Do not delay washing linens.

    One way to wash bedding, pillow covers, etc. more effectively is with hot water, especially if you are concerned about dust mites which live off dead skin cells and can grow to astounding numbers within bedding.

    You can also purchase mite covers to further protect your pillows and mattresses.

    Invest in less soft-fabric furniture.

    These types of fabrics often accommodate higher amounts of allergens (smoke, dander, dust, and so on), and asthma-prone individuals who like to spend lots of time on sofas may not do so well when frequently exposed to them.

    Furnishings covered in impermeable material can prove to be a less irritating option in the long run for those who are willing to make the switch.

    Another tip, following the same reasoning, would be to replace carpeted floors with hardwood flooring, since carpet is just as much of an allergen magnet as fabric-covered furniture is.

    On the topic of cleaning floors, vacuums with HEPA filtration are excellent for trapping dust particles during routinely vacuuming duties.

    Keep a clean air filter.

    When your air filter is clogged and dirty, its ability to lessen the volume of allergens that circulate throughout your ductwork becomes weakened.

    To stay safe, keep in mind that air filters are best changed every four to six weeks, particularly around peak cooling and heating seasons for better efficacy.

    Ring us up at Eddie’s Duct Service!

    If you’ve already given these suggestions a shot and would still like to go the extra mile (which you ought to a few times every few years anyway), don’t hesitate to call for a good old vent cleaning!

    At Eddie’s Duct Services, we proudly offer you thorough vent cleaning you can count on to help you breathe clean, and breathe easy.

    Strike back at asthma attacks by keeping a clean home with clean air and clean vents; give us a call, and we will give you what you need.

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