Is Duct Insulation Worth It?

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    The passages and overall system of pipes and ducts that encourage cooled or heated air circulation throughout a home or commercial structure are generally referred to as ductwork.

    Every HVAC system is composed of a number of components with different purposes, and those who are thinking of integrating one into their structure (or improving their current setup) may be stuck on the question, “Is duct insulation worth it?”

    While, technically speaking, duct insulation will not be an absolute necessity in all situations, it comes with perks that will have you better off having it than not!

    Skipping duct insulation may sound like the easy way out of a few extra expenses, but if you want something that offers you convenience for the long haul, know that paying a little more upfront should pay off at the end of the day!

    To name a few of its pros, you get additional comfort throughout your indoor surroundings, lowered energy consumption, and in turn, more budget-friendly utility bills.

    What is the importance of duct insulation?

    When ductwork is insulated, the air that travels through its duct system is able to stay at a temperature that is most ideal for your desired comfort.

    Ductwork that lacks insulation is prone to leaking air which causes otherwise avoidable energy loss, in turn, resulting in your HVAC system having to work harder as a whole–in other words, wasted energy and costlier utility bills.

    Spending money on quality ductwork insulation means you save yourself the potential 10-30% energy loss that follows when conditioning your indoor temperature without insulation.

    Furthermore, getting ductwork insulation done helps lessen temperature drops, leaks, as well as the buildup of condensation which can lead to the growth of mold.

    So, is duct insulation worth it? Based on those facts alone, you could probably say yes already, but we’re not done yet!

    When does ductwork insulation become a must?

    Let’s say we can agree that the aforementioned benefits are no doubt convincing, but you’re still set on saving as much as you can on upfront costs; where then are the areas that actually need duct insulation as opposed to the ones that can do mostly fine without it?

    For the most part, ducts are made of relatively thin fiberglass or sheet metal material, which is why it is quite easy for the air that travels through the system to leak out, resulting in temperature loss.

    With the installation of quality insulation–which we at Eddie’s Duct Service proudly offer–the process of maintaining desired temperature as air travels from your heating or cooling systems across your various indoor rooms becomes smoother.

    However, when it comes to areas of a structure that receive no conditioning (examples of which being ceilings, floors, and basements), ductwork insulation is needed due to the fact that temperatures in these spaces are much harder to control.

    It keeps condensation at bay.

    Buildings that house uninsulated ductwork are at higher risk of condensation, which heightens the possibility of mildew and mold growth.

    Condensation is often caused by the passing of cool air throughout warm areas in a structure, leading to the buildup of moisture inside the duct system that cannot escape the enclosed space.

    Note that when it comes to selecting R-value (the measurement for amount of resistance to conductive heat flow) for your duct insulation, HVAC specialists will typically suggest a minimum of 5, but moving upwards to the highest available R-value of 8 will prove most effective.

    Send your questions our way!

    For professional advice you can trust, give Eddie’s Duct Service a call, and we will gladly help you decide which R-value is most practical for your home or commercial environment!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to step up your insulation game or are entirely new to the concept, our licensed and skilled team will guide you in making the best choices possible for your ductwork!

    On a slightly different note, if you would like to start off with a deep vent cleaning before delving into the matter of ductwork insulation, rest assured that when it comes to air duct cleaning in Denver, you can count on us for undeniably satisfactory results!

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