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    It’s not enough to hire off the cuff just any vent cleaning company that looks good upfront; remember that you’re going to be paying for services that should effectively and appropriately extract all harmful contaminants and dirt from your vent system.

    Paying the wrong business can leave you feeling scammed, unsatisfied, and at risk for having to deal with more issues than you may have even had to start with.

    Before making any final deals and payments, do yourself and the safety of your home a favor during the process of assessing a service provider’s credibility by asking a number of target questions early on.

    Through observing not only the staff’s answers, but the manners in which they respond to your questions too, you can be well on your way to selecting a reliable and professionally qualified vent cleaning company.

    We at Eddie’s Duct Service are passionate about helping customers find vent cleaning services, such as ours, that won’t let them down–with that said, here’s a quick list of questions to ask a duct cleaning company!

    Can they show you references?

    One effective way to get your expectations of a company in line with reality is to ask for references from customers that have paid for their services in the past.

    Testimonies from clients who have had actual experiences with the business will paint you a picture that can help in deciding whether or not their work quality meets your needs.

    A company itself should not have any problems giving you references that reflect their efficiency, but if they have nothing to show, or refuse to for unclear reasons, you’ll have to do more research yourself.

    To see if they really deliver what they promise, you can look up online reviews, especially on the BBB, to get a clear grasp on the business’ general reputation and rating.

    Are they NADCA certified?

    A business that is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s standards should naturally be one worth entrusting your time and money with.

    NADCA-certified companies adhere to the association’s tried and tested methods which, if you are unfamiliar with, you may request for the technician you are in touch with to explain to you.

    By doing so, you can confirm just how knowledgeable and serious the company you are interested in is about the services they offer.

    How capable is their vacuum?

    Among the questions to ask a duct cleaning company should be one concerning how powerful the vacuum cleaners that they have are.

    During the vent cleaning process, it is imperative that vacuums designed for generating high-power suction are used.

    Those that work with vacuums that aren’t built to withstand the intensity of the task at hand will most likely be less effective at removing all the debris and dust from your vent system, and may even cause further spreading of irritants across your indoor property.

    Do they create points of access to your ducts?

    It’s very difficult to carry out deep cleans on ducts without creating additional access points for tools such as suction hoses and other cleaning devices to fit into.

    Companies that skip this step of the process may be less deliberate about ensuring that your vents are attended to through and through.

    Do they clean the system’s interiors?

    Vacuuming alone is not enough to detach the built up, usually compacted dirt that tends to grab hold on a duct system’s inner walls.

    Thorough cleaning must include equipment like brushes, rotary whips, and other devices that are suitable for getting the job done.

    Do they practice disinfecting ducts after cleaning?

    Besides nasty cakes of dust and debris, ductwork also tends to harbor harmful growths of bacteria, mildew, and mold.

    Businesses that understand the importance of disinfecting ducts after their main cleaning will offer this service to safeguard genuine sanitation that lasts.

    Do they offer guarantees?

    A company with guarantees is a company that wants its customers to trust that it can and does perform services that satisfy, and wants its clients to trust them enough to come back for future needs.

    Contact Eddie’s Duct Service today for any queries you may have about our vent cleaning process!

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