The Dangers Of Black Mold

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    Coughs and sneezes accompanied by watering and itchy eyes are sometimes no more than relatively harmless allergic reactions; however, when accompanied by throat irritation, a stuffy nose, and wheezing, you may want to take a close look around your house for black mold.

    Visible areas that this microfungus can grow on include ceilings, walls, floors, and fabrics, but it can be even riskier when it begins to dominate spots that often go long periods without getting so much as a glance, like your air ducts.

    Should you have reason to suspect that there could be black mold spreading through your vent system, it’s best to call for professional vent cleaning services as soon as possible in order to get rid of it.

    Take it from our experienced team at Eddie’s Duct Service; the dangers of black mold can take a toll on your physical wellbeing, thus it is important that you get in touch with technicians who know how to deal with such an issue, and can help you keep it from returning.

    What is it exactly?

    Before delving into the dangers of black mold, it is good to first have a decent grasp on what it is, beyond the obvious fact that it is a species of fungi or, well, mold.

    It is generally easy to identify due to being black/at least particularly dark in color; it sometimes grows to show hints of very dark green or gray hues, and takes the form of a slimy substance.

    Conditions that can encourage its growth are moist or humid environments, and the dangers of black mold stem from the fact that, while it feeds off organic substances, it releases spores that can be harmful to inhale.

    Cotton and wood are among the kinds of organic matter that black mold lives on, which is why it is often spotted on damp furniture and areas around the home (carpeting, insulation, etc.), although it is not typically known to grow on plastic, glass, and metal.

    Despite this, however, back mold is just as capable of thriving within air vent systems, due to how much its spores get to circulate across its mostly enclosed spaces.

    Ductwork that has gone long periods of time without receiving professional cleaning will harbor generous amounts of dust that various mold (black mold being no exception) can feed on.

    Note that regular inspections and repairs are also important to observe whenever necessary, as problematic and leaky ducts can only be even more so inviting to the likes of black mold.

    Possible indicators for black mold in your air vents.

    Black mold can trigger quite a multitude of responses in different people, from basic irritations to genuinely concerning health problems.

    Depending on how long one is exposed to the fungi, as well as the amount of spores they inhale, there is a wide array of symptoms that could ensue.

    The following are some of the most common reactions black mold brings out in people: headaches and lethargy, irritation of the eyes, rashes, chronic sneezing and coughing, nasal and throat irritation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, poor concentration, and more.

    If you or any particularly vulnerable members of your household appear to be displaying symptoms of exposure to black mold (especially when the air conditioner is running), take it as a prompt to think smart and move fast by calling for an intensive duct cleaning.

    Besides noticeable health issues, other signs to keep your eyes peeled for are dark or black dust surrounding your air vents, particularly if it appears patchy and cannot be easily removed by wiping alone.

    You might also begin to pick up on somewhat musty aromas wafting through your indoor spaces, since black mold does come with quite a unique scent; keep your sense of smell alert whenever you turn on the air conditioning, and if this aroma becomes particularly strong during, you could very well have a black mold problem.

    Dial Eddie’s Duct Service for help!

    If you have any reason at all to suspect the growth of black mold in your ductwork, trust that our personnel at Eddie’s Duct Service are knowledgeable, licensed, equipped, and experienced enough to clean your troubles away.

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