Top Fixes For A Dusty House In Denver

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    Any home environment, whether visibly messy or “squeaky clean” in appearance, houses undesirable amounts of dust in one way or another–in fact, the average American home can collect up to 40 pounds of dust in one year!

    Lots of the unwelcome dirt that accumulates within a home can gather inside the air ducts, it goes beyond just dust and can actually include various sorts of unhygienic matter; mold, dirt, bacteria, chemical residue, hair, bugs, rodents, and more!

    Spending lots of time inside a dusty home is particularly risky for those whose lungs are sensitive and prone to health issues such as asthma, allergies, and the likes.

    As much as everybody wishes they could keep a dust-free home, literally speaking, it’s simply not possible, but that doesn’t take away the many solutions there are to keeping the amount of dust that gathers in your residence under comfortable control.

    Without further ado, here is a starter list of top fixes for a dusty house in Denver, highlighting safety measures and habits you can take up to reduce and manage the accumulation of dirt in your home.

    Don’t fall back on regular house cleaning.

    Because dirty ductwork compromises the quality of air distributed throughout a house, it’s important to observe routinely cleaning to help keep the excessive buildup of dust in your vents at bay.

    Of course, you could solve the issue of dusty ducts by calling a professional team, like us at Eddie’s Duct Service, for a vent cleaning, but you can avoid having to do that more often than necessary by sticking to your own house cleaning schedule.

    Combat nasty ductwork issues by regularly sweeping the floors, vacuuming them along with your carpets, wiping down the walls, dusting your surfaces, washing your rugs, drapes, whatever else you have that’s a candidate wasting away into a dust haven.

    Have a whole-house vacuum installed.

    As we all know, vacuums are designed for efficient dust exhaustion, however, manual vacuums on the market aren’t usually specialized enough to catch particularly tiny particles.

    With a whole-house vacuum cleaner, you can extract even smaller particles and have them swooshed out the house in no time.

    Invest in good air filters.

    These devices are made for catching the contaminants floating about in your surroundings’ air, and even better, they can help keep your energy bills lower than usual.

    How so? Well, air that’s filtered by air filters naturally creates cleaner air that your HVAC system won’t have to break its back trying to purify and disperse all on its own!

    Monitor moisture and condensation.

    The last thing you want is the buildup of mold and mildew in your air ducts, and factors that contribute greatly to these issues are moisture and condensation.

    With air conditioners, be sure to check if the condensation pan has proper drainage, and see to it that all the areas of your home with no air conditioning are adequately sealed.

    If you’ve already got a mold problem, call us at Eddie’s Duct Service for thorough and professional duct cleaning, repairs, and/or installation that will be worth every cent you pay for.

    Avoid using fabric softener on certain rags and sheets.

    Cleaning rags and dryer sheets that are washed with fabric softener usually end up picking up more dust than you’re probably aware of, so either go easy on it or keep it off your most exposed fabrics.

    During renovations, cover your ductwork up.

    Renovations tend to create lots of debris which you’ll want to protect your ductwork from; block off vents and registers to keep any unwanted particles from getting stuck in and further dirtying your system.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is here to help!

    We know how to handle ductwork, so when looking for top fixes for a dusty house in Denver, what’s better than getting a refreshing air duct cleaning in Denver?

    Our team has experience, professional training, and is passionate about bringing quality indoor air to anyone who calls for it.

    Send your concerns our way; we’ll let you in on what you need to know about your dusty situation, and of course, everything we’re more than ready to do to fix it!

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