Top Reasons To Clean Your Dryer Vents On Time

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    Your dryer vent is the metal tube that expels both hot air and air laden with water from your dryer to the outside of your house.

    Like most vent-type systems or components, however, a dryer vent is prone to becoming clogged up over time, especially with consistent use.

    While your dryer vent may not look like a very threatening device, leaving it congested for longer than it should be can lead to rather troublesome inconveniences.

    Vent cleaning is an important procedure that should never go neglected, and everyone on our team at Eddie’s Duct Service stands by that belief.

    To hopefully encourage you to pay better and more frequent attention to your ducts at home, here are a few top reasons to clean your dryer vents on time.

    It’s a safety measure.

    This very reason should come first before anything else; it’s common knowledge that dryers tend to run pretty hot, and when lint (which is highly flammable) is the main accumulation clogging up your dryer vent, things can get dangerous when you least expect them to.

    To back that up, the United States Fire Administration has observed that clothes dryers are the cause of over 15,000 structure fires per year, and a shocking 80% of that statistic points directly to congested dryer vents.

    It is a scary possibility, but it’s one that can be easily prevented by simply making sure that your dryer vent never gets clogged to such a point where that risk becomes present.

    Another safety concern to do with dryer vents is the fact that, when one is too clogged up to properly release air outdoors, the fumes from it may back up into your house.

    When this happens, carbon monoxide and other gasses may end up interrupting your stable air quality and posing health issues to you and those you live with.

    It allows for better efficiency.

    Your dryer is an appliance that, just like any other, you would want and expect to work as smoothly as it is designed to.

    When your dryer vent is clogged, it becomes harder for hot air to travel to the dryer itself; this could result in your clothes requiring more cycles than usual before getting properly dried, causing your dryer to operate for longer amounts of time.

    It should go without saying that when your dryer starts running for longer than it should have to, it takes up more energy, which inevitably will cause your electrical bills to rise.

    Save more money while enjoying the convenience of your dryer better by simply treating it to a good old duct cleaning at least once a year.

    Address mold issues quickly.

    Yes, a dryer vent’s main purpose is to expel hot air and moisture outside of your house, but there are cases where moisture leaves some areas inside the tube damp, and mold can begin form when lint finds itself in these wet spots.

    Additionally, wet lint can get stuck to the internal walls of the vent tube, adding more difficulty to the process of cleaning the vent.

    It can extend the lifespan of your dryer.

    Note that we’ve already established how clogged dryer vents compromise the efficiency of an overall dryer.

    A dryer that, on the regular, exerts more effort for longer than it is designed to is a dryer that is deteriorating at a faster than ideal rate.

    To avoid having to purchase a new dryer (or pay for costly repairs) before your existing one gets the chance to prove its dignity, do it and yourself a favor and oversee your dryer vent’s maintenance.

    More manageable maintenance.

    Last but not the least of our top reasons to clean your dryer vents on time is: your dryer will simply get to function at its best without costing you more stress and expenses than necessary.

    If you want this staple appliance of yours to live a good quality life that doesn’t leave you more stressed out than accomplished, get in touch with our crew at Eddie’s Duct Service to help you keep your clothes, your dryer, and your vent dryer at their best functional capacity with our professional cleaning offers.

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