Types Of Duct Insulation: Home and Commercial

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    Plenty of domestic and commercial structures have HVAC systems integrated into them, but not many people who live and/or have business in these buildings actually know much about them.

    While it isn’t absolutely necessary to learn all there is to know about your home or commercial space’s ventilation system, adequate knowledge has its perks when it comes to helping identify potential problems that may present themselves over time (like the need for an emergency vent cleaning), as well as what needs to be done to deal with them.

    Proper HVAC systems must be composed of all the appropriate parts that are compatible with each other in order to operate most effectively and promote quality air, and air duct insulation is one branch of the matter that can be helpful to explore.

    Don’t disregard the importance of duct insulation.

    It may seem like an easy thing to overlook, but if more people understood how crucial it is in conserving ideal indoor temperatures throughout your home or commercial building, it wouldn’t be.

    Furthermore, it is great for keeping moisture and condensation under control, and even refining the acoustics across certain structures in some cases.

    Duct insulation works by holding the tiniest air pockets in between multitudes of air bubbles or fibers, and since these air pockets do not conduct a lot of heat, insulation becomes possible; stronger barriers from undesirable temperatures generally come with thicker insulation.

    Now, with those introductory basics out of the way, it’s time to get straight to our main topic, here are some of the different types of duct insulation: home and commercial.

    Fiberglass insulation

    This is perhaps the most popular kind of insulation material there is for ductwork, with R-values ranging from R-4 to R-11 (these are what measure how much resistance the material has to heat flow), it is available in flexible and rigid formats.

    For wrapping round air ducts, flexible fiberglass insulation is needed, its outer backing–the side visible to people–is made of foil.

    This foil backing is what creates the insulation layer whilst allowing the fiberglass to remain intact.

    Nevertheless, for added support, technicians use industrial-strength tape to keep the duct insulation wrapped securely around the duct.

    On the other hand, rigid board insulation (quite commonly used in home setups) works best for rectangular air ducts, and are kept secured to the ductwork with clasps or clamps.

    Different buildings with different ductwork will require a specific type of duct insulation that is suitable for them, and if you aren’t sure what your structure has or needs, our team at Eddie’s Duct Service is only a call away from figuring that out for you!

    Mineral wool insulation

    This insulation comes most often in two types in particular: rock wool, which is synthetic and consists of natural fibers such as diabase or basalt; slag wool, which is also synthetic and is made of blast furnace slag.

    On average, mineral wool’s post-industrial recycled content scores 75%, it requires no extra chemicals for fire resistance, and may be utilized with either blanket and loose-fill insulation forms.

    Polyethylene bubbles

    This is another duct insulation type that, as its name suggests, is made up of polyethylene bubbles that are found in the middle of two radiant barriers which, due to their reflective surfaces, appear similar to foil.

    Call Eddie’s Duct Service for any air duct-related concerns!

    The materials mentioned above list only a few of the many types of duct insulation: home and commercial, and there’s still much more ground to cover if you want to get into the specifics of what is perfect for your structure’s requirements.

    To get trustworthy professional advice and assistance for whatever duct insulation issues or questions you may have (especially if you need an air duct cleaning in Denver) reach out to Eddie’s Duct Service for expert help you can rely on.

    Need someone to talk to about your home/commercial structure’s duct insulation? Give us a call today for the right recommendations and services!

    Our experienced and well-trained team is passionate about delivering optimal services that will ensure your HVAC systems are perfectly functional, clean, and meet all of yours and your building’s desired needs.

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