What Tools Are Used For Air Duct Cleaning?

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    Vent cleaning is quite a fascinating process, though many people fail to see it that way.

    Why bother with learning about what tools are used for air duct cleaning when you could just leave it up to whichever company you pay to get the job done for you?

    An unfortunate reality is that not every business that offers duct cleaning services is genuinely dedicated to doing it well.

    Different companies use different sets of tools for their HVAC cleaning duties, but what matters most is that they are used correctly.

    One way to help assess if the team you hire for the task knows what they’re doing is by familiarizing yourself beforehand with the appropriate tools needed; this aids you in identifying whether or not the right equipment is present when they arrive.

    Read on below for a general picture of the tools typically used during vent cleaning.

    Keep in mind that there are many more than the ones included here; feel free to do further research on your own, or give our knowledgeable team at Eddie’s Duct Service a call for any inquiries regarding what tools are used for air duct cleaning!

    Access and inspection tools

    In order to get any work done on your ductwork, a technician will first need a number of devices that are capable of creating points of entry before carrying out the inspection and duct cleaning.

    The devices described above are known as access tools, and with them, it is possible to make access points of various sizes, such as large entry panels for the actual service team and their bulky equipment to fit through, and smaller holes meant for optical imaging.

    Inspection devices are necessary in observing the amount of contamination and debris that has built up inside your HVAC system.

    These visual inspection tools also keep track of the overall cleaning process as well as assess the effectiveness of the methods exercised.

    Some well known inspection tools are: a direct-view periscope, hand-held mirror, closed circuit television camera system, and a camera–usually a 35mm SLR or something similar.

    Hand tools

    Handheld cleaning tools are inclusive of various pneumatic cleaning and agitation devices as well as basic brushes.

    Loosening the debris that has accumulated within an HVAC system is helped by pneumatic tools such as air skippers, blowguns, and airwhips, which then transfer the agitated debris over to a collection device.

    A professional service team will know not to be rough when using such equipment, as the misuse of these tools risks damaging duct board, flex duct, and fiberglass-lined metal ductwork.

    Compressed air source

    Because vent cleaning often requires lots of pneumatically powered devices, strong pressure amounts must be supplied directly to these pneumatic tools, and this is commonly accomplished with the use of an air compressor.

    Collection devices

    These vacuum type tools are utilized when creating negative pressure inside the HVAC system, keeping agitated dirt from scattering and making the job more complicated.

    Vacuum collection devices are usually either portable units, or come mounted on vehicles like trailers or trucks.

    Portable equipment isn’t usually as powerful as the sort of equipment that gets mounted on trucks and trailers, but they’re much less stressful to bring straight into a structure, which means that the vacuum source can be kept at a close distance to the ductwork under cleaning.

    Wet and handheld HEPA vacuums

    These are popular tools for many cleaning tasks, not just vent cleaning, so it’s easy to see why they are helpful for HVAC sanitation services.

    HEPA filtration in particular is an important feature for vacuum cleaners that are meant for drawing out both water and dry debris from ductwork.

    Trust Eddie’s Duct Service for all your air duct cleaning needs!

    When thinking about having your air ducts cleaned, know that you should only ever go for thorough and professional services carried out by experienced individuals who are actually licensed for the task.

    At Eddie’s Duct Service, we possess quality and functional equipment and handle them all with care to carry out optimal cleaning.

    If you’d like to know more about how we do things and see it up close, give us a call!

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