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    A duct cleaning FAQ is something people must always read on when it comes to cleaning their air duct vents.

    Expert technicians and highly skilled specialists have accumulated the questions listed below and more in order to guide you.

    Moreover, we have sought to it that these questions will help those in need of some convincing to clean their air duct vents.

    Therefore, below are some duct cleaning FAQ that may help in your search for the reason why you have you clean your air duct vents.

    How frequently should I clean my air duct vents?

    Although NADCA did mention that once in every three to five years is sufficient enough, this is highly subjective to the status and structure of your air duct vent system.

    The industry standard does not state any time period.

    Unless there are extreme situations wherein air duct vent cleaning is desperately needed, experts say that air duct vents need only be cleaned once a year.

    This is to make certain that the ventilation systems of households will work efficiently but also not cut a hole in a homeowner’s pockets.

    Additionally, because of this, buildup within these vents will substantially lessen.

    Are there health benefits to vent cleaning?

    We all know that there is a lot of buildup ongoing within air duct vents.

    Examples of buildup are dust, dirt, debris, and mold.

    Other kinds of buildup would include the breeding hubs for pests such as rodents and insects.

    The droppings and other kinds of organisms that would be present in these kinds of buildups would be detrimental to the health of people within a household.

    This is why it is essential that we invest in duct cleaning.

    If so, what are they?

    Health benefits from duct cleaning are as follows:

    1. Overall improvement of air quality within a household
    2. Less prone to respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, etc.
    3. Healthier and more comfortable work and/or living environment
    4. Less prone to the inhalation of dust and dirt particles

    How can duct cleaning decrease the cost of my energy bill?

    Because of the accumulation of dust and dirt particles (and other kinds of buildup) within the duct vents, the ventilation system will have to work harder to regulate the overall temperature of the household.

    There is restriction in what is supposed to be the smooth airflow of a ventilation system.

    Ultimately causing the system to work harder, the energy needed to power the ventilation system will increase.

    Thus, entailing the increase of energy bill costs.

    When our air duct vents are cleaned, we would be able to help alleviate this kind of problem.

    Should I invest in a vent cleaning service company to maintain my ventilation system?

    To be frank, investing in a vent cleaning service company to maintain a ventilation system is almost always the right call.

    For small matters that do not need any professional help, it is okay not to call a service company.

    However, if ever there is an urgent need or the need for professional help because of unknown circumstances within the duct vents, it is always best to call upon the help of a service company.

    The people within the company are highly trained professionals that can inspect and detect the problems of any kind of HVAC system.

    Get in contact with Eddie’s Duct Service.

    With all these duct cleaning FAQ in mind, we can now see that the answers only prove that investing in a vent cleaning service company is essential.

    It is essential in the sense that it improves the overall atmosphere, air quality, and health of the people and the household itself.

    We, the working teams in Eddie’s Duct Service can guarantee its clients all their needs when it comes to duct cleaning.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is an air duct cleaning service company that focuses on these few aspects: installation, maintenance, inspection, and cleaning.

    We would like to assure our clients that we have hired the best of professional technicians that are able to cater to all things duct cleaning.

    They have all trained for years on end to give only the best quality service to our highly esteemed clients.

    Each individual member in our working teams are also fully licensed and insured as well.

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