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    Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service in Denver

    Restaurant hood cleaning should be one of the top items on the list when considering kitchen maintenance.

    A restaurant hood is a structure that hangs over commercial ovens, fryers, grills, and other culinary appliances.

    It has one or more mechanical fans that remove heat, grease, smoke, and smells from the air, it attracts dirt and detritus like a magnet.

    This piece of hardware is what keeps grease and smoke from smogging up all the surfaces of your kitchen.

    Type I restaurant hoods, which are needed above most gas- and solid-fuel-burning equipment, as well as cooking equipment that produces grease or smoke, have a fire suppression system for further grease fire protection.

    Importance of Cleaning Your Restaurant Hood

    Kitchen equipment causes around 60 percent of fires in dining, bars, and pubs.

    And not the type of preventable blunders that occur at home.

    We’re talking about fires and other mishaps caused by concealed grease accumulation due to a lack of proper equipment.

    The circumstances that lead to this kind of risk are inevitable.

    That’s why NFPA 96 specifies “preventive and operational fire safety regulations intended to decrease the potential fire danger of both public and private commercial cooking activities.”

    This necessitates the cleaning of your kitchen hood, failure to do so might result in penalties, closure, and other disasters, such as fires and other natural disasters.

    During all cooking hours, your restaurant kitchen hood receives a steady stream of filthy, greasy air.

    When oil and dirt buildup is eliminated, it.

    Reduces the possibility of a cooking fire.

    Grease is a combustible substance.

    It will be a fire hazard if it gets piled up or it’ll pour from the ceiling.

    You save money by avoiding penalties and closures.

    By cleaning any buildup on your blower blades, you’ll extend the life of the fan motor.

    Improves the movement of air in your kitchen.

    The accumulation of oil and dirt in the ventilation system reduces air circulation, making cooking less pleasant and healthful.

    Improves the general hygiene of the kitchen.

    Contamination can occur when old food and residue remain in a cooking area.

    A filthy hood pollutes the entire space.

    How Often do I Need to Clean My Restaurant Hood

    Kitchen exhaust systems are quite good at what they do now, thanks to modern technology.

    However, oil and effluent can accumulate in the hood, plenum, ductwork, exhaust fan, and even the roof itself over time, posing a safety threat.

    If you think cleaning the grease baffles or filters under the hood is all there is to it, think again.

    At least 1-2 times every 6 months is the safety net for cleaning your restaurant hood.

    To service and maintain your exhaust system, you need to engage a skilled, cleaning services firm.

    However, you and your store’s employees should understand how your exhaust system works, when and how it should be cleaned, and what to anticipate from a contractor.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is the perfect cleaning and maintenance company for all your restaurant hood air duct and vent cleaning needs.

    The style of hood has less to do with how often your kitchen exhaust requires cleaning and inspection, and more to do with the sort of energy or fuel used in your cooking equipment, the types of food you prepare, and the volume you generate.

    Eddie’s Duct Service

    Eddie’s Duct Service is one of the best companies for all your needs regarding air duct cleaning in Denver.

    Our employees have years of training and expertise to demonstrate to clients that they mean business and will do the task correctly and promptly.

    When it comes to maintaining your kitchen exhaust and vents in top form, hiring Eddie’s Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning services is the greatest option you can make.

    Our employees’ tools are likewise top-of-the-line and designed specifically for vent cleaning.

    In Conclusion

    Finally, range hood vent cleaning is a job best left to specialists or those with prior knowledge in the field.

    Eddie’s Duct Service is one of the best in air duct cleaning, but that’s not all.

    Eddie’s Duct Service provides excellent range hood vent cleaning at a reasonable price.

    Don’t wait for your restaurant hood to fully fail you.

    Contact us right now to take advantage of our low pricing and high-quality work!

    Choose wisely, choose Eddie’s Duct Service now!

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