Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home

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    It is always handy to know some tips to reduce dust in your home.

    Considering how we don’t always have the time to call our local cleaning service companies, there are things we can do to help them out when we do need to call them.

    We all know that our homes are breeding hubs for dust and dirt to accumulate in.

    When we open and close the front door, we ultimately let the outside air come into our homes.

    Dust comes in through that.

    When we crack open our windows, we can sometimes see the particles from outside come in.

    Air from outside is not always the factor as to why we gain dust in our homes.

    It could also be because of our own dirt that we create within our homes.

    With this, we must know the specific tips to reduce dust in your home.

    1. When not needed, keep your front door and windows closed.

    We cannot prevent ourselves from going in and out of our houses, considering how we are all busy people.

    However, should we just be relaxing in our own homes, it is best if the front door and windows are closed.

    This is so that outside air particles will not go into the house.

    Although we cannot always prevent that from happening, doing it less can help in the reduction of dust in one’s home.

    1. Invest in a good quality air purifier.

    A good quality air purifier can significantly lower the dust buildup within a house.

    It also saves homeowners a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the house.

    There will be less dust in the house to clean when air purifiers operate.

    We suggest that these air purifiers are kept near windows and doors so as to catch dust and dirt particles from the outside when they do need to be opened.

    1. Purchase houseplants.

    Houseplants act as natural air purifiers and filters.

    Considering how we create other kinds of gases (e.g., the carbon dioxide we exhale, other kinds of gases that come from cooking and other household activities), houseplants are able to naturally filter out these gases.

    They also replace these gases with oxygen for us to breathe better.

    1. Regularly change and clean bedsheets and pillowcases.

    It is recommended that bedsheets and pillowcases be changed at least once a week or every two weeks.

    This is to ensure that dust mites do not breed within them.

    Moreover, the cotton material of these sheets and cases will not inhibit unwanted dust and dirt.

    1. Skip the carpet-padded floors.

    Although padding our floors with carpets may give our houses a nice look, carpets may harbor a lot of dust and dirt particles.

    This can ultimately be, again, breeding spots for dust mites and other unwanted dust and dirt.

    People in the household may start to acquire allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues because of these carpets.

    Instead, it’s better to just leave our floors bare and polished up.

    1. Keep work and outside shoes out of the house.

    Our work and outside shoes can track in a lot of dust and dirt from outside into our homes.

    It is best that they be kept outside so that the cleaning and maintenance of shoes may be limited to just the outside.

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