Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Costs in Denver

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    In Denver, our kitchen exhaust cleaning service caters to a diverse range of exhaust types.

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    Kitchen Exhaust Types and Costs in Denver

    Here’s an easy-to-understand table of the types we service, the costs, and cleaning time involved:

    Kitchen Exhaust Type Cost Range ($) Cleaning Time (hrs)
    Canopy Hood 300-500 2-3
    Downdraft Exhaust 250-400 2-2.5
    Island Hood 350-600 2.5-3.5
    Wall-Mounted Chimney 300-550 2-3
    Under Cabinet 200-350 1.5-2
    Custom Insert Hoods 400-700 3-4
    Pro Style/Wall Hood 500-750 3.5-4.5

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Methods: Pros and Cons

    There are several methods to clean kitchen exhausts. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. This table will guide you through the pros and cons of the most common cleaning methods:

    Cleaning Method Pros Cons
    Hand Scrubbing Most thorough method, less expensive More time-consuming, labour-intensive
    Steam Cleaning Effective for hard-to-reach areas, eco-friendly May not clean as thoroughly, more expensive
    Chemical Cleaning Fast, effective against tough grime May leave residues, not eco-friendly

    Why Choose Us?

    Choosing us for your kitchen exhaust cleaning needs offers you several advantages. We’re a family-owned business, committed to delivering top-quality service with professional acumen. Our team comprises of trained professionals, ensuring your kitchen exhaust is cleaned to the highest standards. Moreover, we use high-grade cleaning tools to assure effective and safe cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How often should I have my kitchen exhaust cleaned?

    The frequency of kitchen exhaust cleaning can vary depending on usage. On average, it’s recommended to get your exhaust cleaned every 3-6 months. Regular cleanings can improve your HVAC efficiency.

    Does a clean kitchen exhaust improve air quality?

    Yes, a clean kitchen exhaust can significantly improve air quality, reduce odors, and eliminate potential fire hazards.

    What are the signs that my kitchen exhaust needs cleaning?

    Common signs include a noticeable decrease in exhaust efficiency, increased kitchen heat, lingering odors, and visible grease buildup. More details can be found here.

    Can I clean my kitchen exhaust myself?

    While minor cleaning tasks can be performed at home, it’s recommended to hire professional services for a comprehensive and effective clean.


    At Eddie’s Duct Service, we believe in offering value and quality in our kitchen exhaust cleaning services. Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities, and we strive to ensure you receive the best service at competitive costs. With improved air quality and a safe cooking environment, the benefits of regular kitchen exhaust cleaning are clear.

    Not only do we provide thorough cleaning, but also actionable tips to reduce dust and grime build-up in your kitchen. Remember, a clean kitchen exhaust plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient kitchen. So don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today for a cleaner, safer kitchen environment.

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