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    Laundry Vent Cleaning in Denver

    Your washing machine’s venting is comparable to that of your dryer, which also needs laundry vent cleaning.

    The washing machine vent must be located on the exterior.

    The main difference is that, unlike the dryer, the washing machine vent will not be moving hot, steaming air.

    You have the option of using a normal attic vent or venting it directly to the window.

    Make sure the vent has a P-trap that catches hazardous gases and prevents an overflow while you’re at it.

    Also, the upper part must be higher than the washing machine’s overflow level.

    Maintaining your laundry vent is a must since a washing machine is a crucial part in anyone’s household.

    Importance of Laundry Vent Cleaning

    You should always consider ventilation whenever you start setting up your laundry room.

    A laundry room is a place where a lot of mixing between heat and moisture will inevitably take place, from the washing machine to the dryer.

    Moisture may cause problems in your basement by causing smells and allowing mold to grow.

    Washer malfunctions, as well as dryer malfunctions and unintentional fires, are among the major sources of condensation and floods.

    Can you still run your washing machine before venting it outside first?

    The answer to that would be, no. You shouldn’t run yours without first venting it to the outside.

    You risk harming your appliance or possibly causing a fire if you do so.

    Lint that blocks the outside vents means that air won’t be able to expel moisture.

    The outcome is moisture will collect and it takes a lot of heat to evaporate.

    How Often Should I Clean My Laundry Vent

    Clean your laundry vent regularly to improve the washing machine’s performance.

    Remove lint and other dirt and debris by regular laundry vent cleaning.

    Here are some factors that can affect how often you should maintain your laundry vent.

    You haven’t done duct cleaning in a year.

    The hood flap on the vent does not open correctly.

    The laundry room feels humid when you wash.

    Those are just some of the ways you can tell that you need to get your laundry vent cleaned.

    Eddie’s Duct Service

    If you’re looking for a good company that offers air duct cleaning in Denver well then you’re in luck!

    Eddie’s Duct Service offers the best duct and vent cleaning around.

    We pride ourselves in having workers who are experienced and are also trained to do the required job perfectly.

    Having a go to duct service company is quite literally a gift from above, you never know when you need to get your laundry vent serviced and/or replaced.

    With Eddie’s Duct Service you won’t need to go crazy when your laundry vent stops working or is acting up, all you gotta do is give us a call and we’ll come as quick as we can to help you solve that pesky problem of yours!

    Is it Worth It?

    You wouldn’t want your laundry room smelling like wet laundry and accumulating mold do you?

    With Eddie’s Laundry Vent Cleaning by your side you won’t have to worry about any of that!

    Equipped with the proper tools to restore your laundry vent to its former glory.

    At the end of the day, combining several information sources is the wisest course of action.

    Product evaluations are a gold mine of data, but peer reviews from various blogs can help you figure out which services for duct cleaning in Denver are the best fit for you and your laundry vents and washing machine.

    It’s preferable to spend a little extra in one go on these kinds of products than to go for a cheaper equivalent.

    Talking about all these, Eddie’s Duct Service is definitely the best option for you.

    Don’t worry about having to wonder about when to get your washing machine laundry vent cleaned.

    Someone will come and inspect your washing machine once you give Eddie’s Duct Service a call.

    It’s that easy, what are you waiting for?

    Not only do we go above and beyond for our clients, we make sure our clients are well taken care of.

    Call us now and avail Eddie’s Laundry Vent Cleaning before your washing machine starts screaming for help!

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