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    Range Hood Cleaning Service

    The goal of a range hood filter is to collect grease, it will seem and feel greasy if it is performing its job properly, that’s why range hood cleaning is totally a must.

    When was the last time you looked under the hood of your stove and examined the exhaust fan filters?

    If you haven’t done this in a long time or have never done it before, fair warning: it won’t be pleasant.

    The air vents will be greasy and probably not work as well as when you first started using it.

    Not to worry, Eddie’s Duct Service is here to assist you with your vent cleaning!

    Why is Cleaning my Range Hood Important?

    To assist clean the air, your range hood draws smoke, steam, and smells via the filter and vent.

    The filter catches grease and food particles to prevent them from collecting in the vent.

    This gadget protects your walls from yellowing caused by grease and smoke, as well as the detrimental effects of steam moisture.

    Protection of your environment from yellowing is a must, especially in the kitchen.

    Without maintenance and cleaning, your range hood will accumulate so much grease and food particles that the vent won’t be able to function well.

    A clogged filter can have a variety of consequences.

    Without a clean filter and a functional range hood, your smoke alarm may go off often as a result of a buildup of smoke as you cook.

    Food odors may pervade your house and take days to clear out owing to microscopic food particles in the air.

    When your range hood filter is clean, you will be confident that your house will still smell fresh.

    Another advantage to maintaining your range hood is that you and your family’s safety is intact.

    Frequency of Range Hood Cleaning

    Your range hood should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent accumulation from obstructing air flow.

    Once a year, at the very least, give your range hood filter a thorough cleaning.

    Depending on how much cooking you do will determine how often you need to clean your filter.

    If you cook every day, your filter will need to be cleaned considerably more frequently than if you simply cook once in a while.

    If you don’t clean your filter on a regular basis, it will become completely caked with grease.

    This makes it considerably more difficult to clean when you finally do get someone to clean it.

    Can I Clean my Range Hood by Myself?

    The option to clean your range hood yourself is also available.

    People these days like applying the do-it-yourself method for almost everything, even with range hood vent cleaning.

    There are downsides to cleaning your range hood by yourself, mainly safety and accuracy of putting its parts back.

    Since there are electronic components in range hoods, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself if you try to clean your range hood by yourself.

    When talking about accuracy in returning the parts to their correct places, it can be confusing for most people.

    Especially the ones’ who aren’t all that familiar with hardware items such as a range hood.

    Eddie’s Duct Service

    If you’re looking for a great servicing company for air duct cleaning in Denver, then Eddie’s Duct Service is for you.

    Eddie’s Duct Service offers top of the line range hood vent cleaning that won’t hurt your wallet.

    Our workers are equipped with years of training and experience to ensure the customers that they mean business and will make sure that they get the job done right and efficiently.

    The tools that our workers use are also top of the line and fit for the job at hand.

    Utilizing Eddie’s Range Hood Cleaning services will be the best decision you will make when it comes to keeping your range hood in tiptop shape.


    In conclusion, range hood vent cleaning is a task more suited to people who have experience with such things.

    Eddie’s Duct Service has one of the best maintenance, repair, and vent cleaning services in Denver.

    Don’t wait for your range hood to give up on you completely.

    Contact us now to avail our cheap prices and premium quality work!

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